The holiday season is always something to look forward to. Time spent with loved ones, the exchanging of gifts, and of course indulging in some delicious food and tasty treats.

But one thing we don’t tend to pay much attention to is how damaging our holiday favourites can be to our teeth and oral health.

Let’s take a look at some items that you may want to leave off the shopping list this year to keep your families’ oral hygiene in check.

cupcakes and candy canes

Candy Canes

You may not think twice about using these red and white striped candies as a stocking stuffer, but they are harmful to teeth in more ways than one.

Biting onto hard candy can either break or chip teeth. This would certainly put a dampener on Christmas celebrations if you have to make a dash to the dental clinic – and that’s if you are able to find one open on a public holiday!

Candy canes are also high in sugar, and since hard candy dissolves slowly, there is a greater risk of cavities.


Who doesn’t love to eat popcorn when watching a movie? While you may think that non-flavoured varieties are a healthier alternative to butter or caramel, it’s actually the kernels that you should be more concerned about.

white popcorn in a box

Kernel pieces can become lodged in your gums causing gum inflammation and bacteria build-up. And, if you try to pick the pieces out with your fingernails, you risk scratching or cutting your gums.


Christmas is a time to eat, drink, and be merry… and some of us get a lot merrier than others due to the amount of alcohol we consume.

Unfortunately, alcohol is not only the culprit of a bad hangover, but it also wreaks havoc with our teeth and oral health. Here’s why:

  • Some alcoholic beverages are very acidic and high in sugar. Have you ever woken up with sensitive teeth after drinking a lot of sparkling wine? This is due to the acidity that eats away at your teeth enamel.
  • Other drinks such as red wine can make your mouth dry. The lack of saliva means there is less defence against bacteria and can lead to dreaded bad breath or even throat pain.


If you are someone that loves nothing more than your roast vegetables and meat smothered in gravy, then you’ll want to read this.

Gravy is high in oil, and it’s thick and gooey consistency easily coats every one of your teeth. This makes it easy for plaque to form and bacteria to build up.

Look after your oral health this holiday season

We hope that you make sensible choices this holiday season when it comes to the food and drink that you consume. If you do indulge in some treats, make sure to give some thought to your oral hygiene. This means:

  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after meals and drinking alcohol
  • Floss or clean in between your teeth before bed
  • Spit excess toothpaste, don’t rinse

If you’d like to have a check-up or a thorough teeth cleaning before the holiday season starts, please feel free to give us a call on (03) 9041 5301, or you can book an appointment online at any time.