Dental Crowns

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Regular dental fillings are a great way to repair small cracks or decay, but in some cases, a simple filling may not be enough to repair more significant damage.

When large parts of a tooth need to be removed to repair severe cracks, decay or deterioration, a dental crown will be used in place of a simple filling.

Dental crowns are a crucial procedure in modern dentistry used for cosmetic enhancement and dental protection. At Coburg Hill Oral Care, we offer high-quality crowning services to improve your oral health and restore your smile.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-made cap, or covering, made to cover the entire tooth. They are a permanent solution used to restore a vulnerable tooth’s shape, size, functionality and strength, improving overall dental appearance and minimising the risk of decay in the process.

Today, there are a variety of techniques available for tooth strengthening, ranging from minimal preparation of the tooth structure for inlays and onlays, to the traditional full coverage cemented crowns.

There is also a large range of materials available that are used to make crowns, inlays, and onlays. These include non-precious metal crowns to fully aesthetic ceramics with tints and in-built white coloured shades.

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When Do You Need Crowns?

Crowns are considered a last resort for teeth that are beyond repair when traditional solutions such as white fillings won’t suffice.

Crowning is recommended for people whose teeth are:

  • heavily worn;
  • discoloured;
  • loose;
  • chipped; or

In some cases, cracks may develop because of a heavy bite that places stress on the teeth. In such situations, the misaligned bite needs to be addressed before using a crowns to repair the teeth.

Crowns may also be recommended to avoid infection, such as after a root canal treatment, to provide structure and preserve the damaged tooth. They may also be used alongside dental implants — that can replace missing teeth lost to decay, injury, or periodontal disease.

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