Root Canal Treatment

“I think I need root canal treatment! Ouch, my tooth is throbbing! I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, and my head is aching!”.

Each tooth has a complex blood and nerve supply called the pulp. If bacteria infects the tooth, dental emergency treatment may involve removing the pulp to get you of the pain.

What is root canal treatment? Root canal treatment is the procedure to disinfect the tooth.

Removing the pulp eliminates the cause of pain, and allows the bone to heal around the tooth. It is the one treatment option to keep the tooth and avoid replacing the tooth with a denture, bridge or implant.

Many people will consider the option to remove the tooth instead.  Because the tooth is a part of the human body, teeth removal can affect how the other teeth and mouth functions. This means the tooth, after it has been removed, may need to be replaced. And the replacement can be a challenge!

In addition, not all teeth are suitable for root canal treatment. Sometimes tooth decay may be too deep or the tooth is mostly dental filling material. In such cases, root canal treatment may not be a preferred treatment option.

If you have very severe pain and think you might need a root canal treatment, it is better to have it treated early. Untreated dental infections can cause hospitalisation.

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