In an age where we are more conscious of our impact on the environment than ever, businesses are under pressure to rethink how they use materials.  Plastic, of course, is a significant concern. As dentists and oral health therapists, we are becoming more aware of our impact on the world.

In a recent guide, we explored why the dentistry industry needs to rethink its dependence on plastic. Single-use plastics, specifically, are harming the world around us. Therefore, we’d like to take a little time to explore this.  Why is it important that we move away from single-use plastics, and choose more responsible, biodegradable alternatives?

eco-friendly disposable cardboard cups

Plastic Lasts Forever

Plastic is made to last forever.  Shocking statistics show that there are plastics in our environment which have been degrading for over a century.  Any single-use plastic we generate today is likely to last at least as long. It is surprising to many people that the plastic we use will still be around long after we are gone, even if they are ‘biodegradable’ and recyclable.

Single-use plastic is clogging up our landfills.  If we are to use plastic, we should focus on re-using it as much as possible.  Around a third of it is used one-time only, and that includes anything we throw into recycling.

We’re pushing ahead to recycle plastic as much as possible and where possible, of course, we are cutting plastic out altogether.

Plastic is Hygienic – But Irresponsible

There are plenty of reasons why the dental industry will still rely on plastic for years to come.  Unfortunately, it is one of the most hygienic materials around. What’s more, alternatives are not yet mainstream.  

Coburg Hill Oral Care (CHOC) is working towards replacing plastic in our practice with leading alternative materials.  We are also cutting down on plastic bottles in our surgery, full stop. Plastic is irresponsible in that it is full of toxins and unnatural chemicals, which is harmful to the environment.

When we throw plastic away, it only ever goes to one of two places.  It will either travel to landfill, or into the sea. Very little is recycled. Plastic will degrade incredibly slowly, releasing harmful toxins into our oceans, and allowing our landfills to build up higher and higher.

It is simply unfeasible to continue this way.  While it will take years for the Earth to recover from damage done so far, we can make strides in preventing further damage.

A Responsible Healthcare Provider

CHOC is a responsible modern dental practice.  By this, we want our customers to feel safe knowing we care about the world around us.  Your health and dental care, of course, are our main priorities. However, we also know that more and more of us are rightfully, turning away from more sustainable practices.

CHOC is a dental clinic which cares about the future.  We’ve seen that we can continue to strive towards dental excellence with alternative resources to plastic.  Therefore, we encourage you to join us on our journey.

The damage being done to the planet through plastic waste is mounting.  It’s time we made a start to cut back.